OAA '94

Our 25th Anniversary Events

In September 1989, 200+ 11 and 12 year old boys and girls began a journey that would last up to 5 or 7 years within the walls of the “Grey City”, Achimota School. These were the last batch of the then O’ Level and A’ Level students to go through the Ghana Education System, now referred to as “Old system”.

They were joined a couple years later by another 300+ students of the Senior Secondary School (New System), who also began their journey of 3 years at the “Grey City”, Achimota School. These Ninos (name given to first year students at Achimota School) would become the class of 1994 Akoras (Old Achimotans).

In March 2019, 25 years since ’94 Akoras left the walls of their Alma Mater, this unique group, comprising of the last batch of Old System and their New System classmates, will come together, from various parts of the world, to celebrate their anniversary.

Join us as we celebrate this joyous occasion in conjunction with the celebration of Achimota School’s 91st anniversary.

Stay tuned as more details unfold.

Upcoming US Events

Welcome Meet & Greet - Maryland, Friday July 6th 2018

Lets meet up, lets hug, lets laugh and get reacquainted. Lets reminisce, all the way from Nino's Night to our final days at Motown. Lets remember the Nicknames, the Nections, Gating Stories, Pick and Acts, Atico, Unnecessary Punishments and Mean Seniors, while we gear  up for a fun filled and nostalgic weekend. Click here for more details.

Fundraising Gala - Hyattsville Maryland, Saturday July 7th 2018

Following the tradition  of the OAA NCA-USA's annual fundraising activities, the 1994 year group will host this year's festivities. The Gala will take place at the College Park Marriot in Hyattsville, Maryland. We intend to have the time of our lives while raising money towards our group project and anniversary celebrations. From fun trivia, auctions and inter house competitions that will take you right back to the Grey City, to a full blown Records Night featuring our own DJ Prhyme Minister from the UK. Did we mention that our MC will be none other than Citizen Shanti McCarthy? You won't want to miss this. Click here for more details on tickets and accommodations.

Family Picnic - Laurel Maryland, Sunday July 8th 2018

Our family picnic will take place at the North Laurel Community Center, Laurel Maryland. After a night of fun, partying and raising money, lets detox together, catch up on life since Motown and let our kids get to know each other. Baba will surely be on Khebab duty and we will feature other dishes that will take you right back to the Snack Square. Click here for more details on this event.

Asaph Okyne - Group President

A message from our President

Fellow Akora’s, friends, donors and well-wishers, I am humbled, honored and privileged to be the President of the OAA ‘94 Group. Ever since leaving the walls of our ‘Grey City’, it has always been a personal goal of mine to someday give back to my Alma matter, as a thank you for making me who I am today. Further, I am extremely grateful to my classmates for providing me with the opportunity to serve them.

As our 25th anniversary project, our year group decided on the procurement and installation of New Public Address, Multimedia and Audio/Visual Systems for our two dining halls and the Aggrey Chapel, and we are looking for your financial support to make this possible! We appreciate all your help, and hope to see you at one of our events.


Asaph Okyne