OAA '94

OAA '94 Project

Installation of New Multimedia, Audio/Visual and Public Address Systems

Our 25th Anniversary Project

This year, the OAA 1994 year group has taken on the project of procuring and installing new up-to-date public address, multimedia and audio/visual systems for the senior secondary school campus, in both East and West dining halls and the Aggrey Chapel, the assembly center of the campus. Our project is an important one, directly affecting the daily lives of the 3000+ students and staff currently attending this great institution. To complete this project, we are requesting your help.

History and Mission

Achimota School was established in Accra, Ghana in 1927, by the government of the (then) Gold Coast. The education offered at Achimota was to provide sound character training, the basis on which strong and effective leadership could be built. Achimota has henceforth provided outstanding education from the kindergarten to university level and now serves 3000+ students from all regions of Ghana and all across Africa.


The School runs on a grant from the central government. This covers staff salaries, books and maintenance of the school. However, special provision is not made for its sheer size and the extent of the its infrastructure. To compensate for this shortfall, the Old Achimotan Association (OAA), friends of Achimota, and the Parent Teacher Association, strive continuously to raise funds for the school’s continued maintenance and development.

As part of these efforts, former students organize annual fundraising activities targeted towards specific school development projects and other anniversary events. The activities are coordinated by graduating class, upon the 25th anniversary of their graduation. In March 2018, the 1994 graduating year group of Old Achimotans or “Akoras” took on this mantle.

OAA '94 Year Group

The 1994 year group of Old Achimotans is unique among graduating classes in that it marks the transition of Achimota school from the old secondary school system to the new junior/senior secondary school system. It contains the last group of graduates of the old system and the second group of graduates of the new system. This year, old and new system Akoras come together to raise funds through donation drives, corporate sponsorship, and graduates’ donations.. Fundraising activities include an international direct donation drive, events in Washington DC July 2018 to include a Gala Dinner, Auction and Raffle, as well as a “Discotheque/Records Nights” event in Ghana in 2019.